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March 02, 2005

Let Them Rot?

Jonah Goldberg has some appropriate comments for Matt Yglesias's concepts of realpolitik. What is happening to American liberalism indeed. It's anchor has been lost. I never thought I'd see the day that a Republican president would become the leader of liberal internationalists (aka: neocons) and the left would be willing to allow dictatorships to oppress their people if it serves the purposes of realpolitik.

Having gotten that rant out of my system, Yglesias IS right to wonder if all this democracy talk will amount to a hill of beans, but talk about a limited vision. 

Update: Liberals Against Terrorism has a good post about the crossroad Hezbollah now faces.  It would indeed be interesting if Hezbollah is willing to give up terrorism in order to have a major seat at the political table.   I won't be holding my breath, but it is indeed an interesting development and just goes to show nobody can predict how things might play out should democracy sweep through the middle east.

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