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March 03, 2005

LA Times Puff Piece on North Korea

Just as one comes to the conclusion that the LA Times can't sink any lower, they put out an apologia for North Korea.  Many people are not amused and Hugh Hewitt appropriately comes down on their editorial staff.

Imagine a 1938 Los Angeles Times piece, "Germany, Without the Rancor": "There is love among the Nazis.  There is hate.  There is fighting. There is charity....People marry. They divorce. They make blond children..."

"The Jews?  Why always the Jews? Is there any country where there is a 100% guarantee of human rights? Certainly not the United States."

For a quick summary on conditions in North Korea, read even a few pages of this blue-ribbon report.  Evidently no one at the Times has, not even their bureau chief in South Korea.

Powerline also has some similar thoughts.

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