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February 10, 2005

NY Times Willing Myopia over Nuclear Arsenals

The NY Times wrote an editorial today castigating the administration over research on a new line of nuclear warheads.
This program sends a clear message to the rest of the world: now that the superpower arms race has ended, Washington sees nuclear weapons as an important part of its military strategy against small and midsize states. It should be no surprise if those nations conclude that they must develop nuclear weapons of their own.
Has the Times noticed that China still has a large nuclear arsental and is at best an authoritarian regime that most feel will challenge the US for hegemony later in this century? Last I checked, they were making improvements in their long-range delivery systems. Is the Time's satisfied that Russia is somehow going down a road toward a pacifist democracy when all signs point to its returning to some of its most disturbing authoritarian tendencies? I think its a little premature for the Times to conclude that this country should not continue to develop that which has been its military backbone for the last 60 years. I also seriously doubt that even if we did not expand and improve our nuclear arsenal, that countries such as Iran would suddenly drop their nuclear weapons programs because of a less aggressive posture we were taking toward them. Iran's need for the bomb has less to do with protection from the US as it does with Israel and gaining military leverage over the EU which is all to willing to roll over and expose its belly.

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