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September 30, 2004

Bush’s Biggest Mistakes

Richard Brookhiser provides his top 10 list of mistakes Bush has made. The only one I disagree with is #9 - soft on immigration. This country is in danger of falling into one of its bouts of isolationism and complaints about Bush's immigration policy feed from that source (as do many of the outsourcing critiques). Yes, we may become more vulnerable by allowing people to come in who may present a danger. But we can not afford to close ourselves off to the world at this point in time and we should do anything we can to encourage immigrants to continue to flock to this country.

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Would Dean Have Fared Better Than Kerry?

This is a debate that I have had with my friends quite often over the last couple of weeks. It's great shoulda-coulda-woulda type discussion over a beer. Seems that Chris Suellentrop
over at Slate has the same question>."If Howard Dean were the nominee right now, nobody would be wondering where he stands on Iraq, nobody would be accusing us of not fighting back, and we wouldn't be fighting to hold on to our base," said the adviser, who asked that his name not be used. Kerry's "thoughtful and nuanced positions" might be an admirable quality in a president, but they're difficult to defend during a campaign. I do believe that Howard Dean was really far too anti-war and far too anti-Bush for the moderate undecided voter. But I do think he would have energized the base in a way that I just don't see Kerry ever being able to do. If Kerry wins, it will only be because people are unhappy with George Bush. If Dean were running, I doubt his supporters would be so lukewarm and that would rub off on the rest of the electorate.

Could-woulda-shoulda talk is fun, but that and a nickle will buy you... well, nothing.

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CBS Just Keeps Sinking in the Muck

Can it get any worse for these guys? After their most recent piece of partisan attack journalism, it seems CBS may have altered transcripts in order to insult themselves from criticism. Don't they realize people have VCR's and other recording devices? I guess they think nobody would watch them and tape what they show in the first place.

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Journalists Criticize Debate Rules

Many journalists are upset about the rules that have been put in place for the debates. Leave it to Jimmy Breslin to say it best

Jimmy Breslin, the Pulitzer Prize-winning columnist at Newsday, called the entire setup a fraud. "Let them talk to each other," Breslin demanded during a phone interview. "It's like a huge fight, and you don't let them hit each other."
If things go according to the candidates' plans, tonight's debate will be nothing more than 2 side-by-side news conferences. Given Kerry's reluctance to do news conferences or serious interviews in the last 2 months, we should probably be happy to get even this.

While people are talking about what should and should not be added as amendments to the constitution, I would throw out the suggestion that we have an amendment that requires anyone running for office to debate head on with their opponents every week for 6 weeks leading up to the election. This should include anyone, even if they are running for mayor of a small village. And a chance should be given to third party candidates who are currently all but shut out of the political process. Would it be a mess? Sure. Would it get nasty? Of course! I want them to get sweaty and red in the face because maybe then we can take the true measure of the man or woman.

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Moronic Republican Fundraising Stunt

This should go down in the annals of fundraising as what NOT to do to get people to give money to a campaign.

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Flip-Floppers Abound

The WSJ writes today on voting flip-floppers (subscription required). I actually think that despite the poll numbers, which currently do not look good for Kerry, there is a large enough sector of people who can flip-flop that this election will still be extremely tight and can be decided by external events out of both candidates' control. One just has to look at the huge shift in people identifying themselves as Republican after the GOP convention. By some measures this went up by 10% and accounts for the large skew in many polls. I would guess that these people who suddenly are identifying themselves as Republican can just as easily switch again and find themselves self-identifying as Democrats. On the other hand, if Bush can solidify his hold on the people who have switched, not only might we be looking at a landslide, but the results may be as lasting to the demographic landscape as the Reagan Democrat shift was in '80.

My real bet is that voter's views will continue to shift around like quicksilver and that regardless of how far ahead either candidate gets in the polling, this election will be quite a ride into November.

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September 29, 2004


Its nice to see a media outlet run an editorial with a little pespective. Iraq missions that work out are missing from mainstream media.

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Kristof Has Me Scratching My Head

These days I seem to be more and more disenchanted with Nick Kristof's writing. Today in the Times he has a particularly brutal story about a young girl's rape that was sanctioned by village elders in Pakistan. The story is extremely painful, but the closing just left me stunned.

So although I did not find Osama, I did encounter a much more ubiquitous form of evil and terror: a culture, stretching across about half the globe, that chews up women and spits them out.

We in the West could help chip away at that oppression, with health and literacy programs and by simply speaking out against it, just as we once stood up against slavery and totalitarianism. But instead of standing beside fighters like Ms. Mukhtaran, we're still sitting on the fence.

Huh? You mean that the two wars we have fought in the last 3 years to free two countries from brutal dictators and our attempts to install pluralistic democracy in those countries is just "sitting on the fence?" Is Kristof kidding? I can completely see the point of view that we are going too far and that we have brought war where it should not have been fought in the first place and that our actions may cause more problems for us. However, I can't imagine anyone can say with a straight face that we are sitting on the fence. I guess Kristof believes the only legitimate thing to do is to "chip" and toil away at the evil and terror instead of meeting it head on in the hope that some day your good deeds will be rewarded. Maybe someone needs to wake Kristof up to the fact that both totalitarianism and slavery unfortunately took a LOT of blood to end.

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There is no kind way to say this...

Are the people who run CBS news morons? I can NOT believe they would go out and do something so partisan again when they must know the entire world is watching.

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September 28, 2004

Bush's Hometown Paper Endorses Kerry

In the tit-for-tat of whom is endorsing whom, the Lonestar Iconoclast, which bills itself as Bush's hometown paper, has endorsed Senator Kerry.

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